Born Organic
120ml — Baby Massage Oil

$33.00 NZD
Born Organic Massage Oil blends mild organic jojoba and grape seed oils with baby-friendly organic essential oils to create a perfect light blend that spreads well and is easily absorbed.
This product, like all Born Organic products, is free from tree nuts, which are recognised as one of the main causes of allergies in babies.


Gentle massage is a great way to enhance the emotional bond between you and your baby. Your reassuring touch can calm your baby, enrich your connection and encourage a settled sleep routine. It is also suggested that massage supports healthy growth and development and can assist digestion.

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Natural Vitamin E, Lavender Oil*, Clementine Oil*, Chamomile Oil*   *Certified Organic

Tips: A non-stressful environment with silence or relaxing music is best for massaging your baby. Make sure the room is warm, softly lit, and baby is on a safe comfortable surface. Maintain as much eye contact as you can and talk to your baby while you massage. They will love you for it, and there is nothing more precious than exchanging loving glances with your baby.

Directions for use: Spray a little into the palm of your hand, and apply to your baby’s skin, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage your baby after the bath, before bed, or any time. Avoid massaging just after feeding, as it may be uncomfortable for your little one.

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