Welcome, and thanks for visiting us at BioFormulations. It’s with great pride that we present our range to you.  We have  personally researched, developed and created each product we offer, combining ancient knowledge with contemporary practices.  Our commitment is to meet and exceed the needs those of you seeking high quality well-being products that you can trust for yourselves and your loved ones.  Our team works closely with nature to hand-blend exquisite products that are made with vision, passion and integrity. You can be assured that each product is crafted and bottled by hand with the greatest of care using traditional methods.  We are committed to using organic plant extracts with proven therapeutic benefits that soothe, balance, heal and regenerate. We choose to support organic growers in Aotearoa, New Zealand wherever possible. Alternatively we source sustainable ingredients from ethical suppliers around the globe.  Check out what we can offer you.

In wellness,
Keith Harvey
Founding Director and Formulator for BioFormulations.